Our attorneys can represent you in U.S. immigration matters regardless of where you are located because U.S. immigration law is federal: you can be in any state, or in any country in the world.

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Antao & Chuang, Attorneys at Law, can represent YOU in all types of U.S. Immigration matters, including:

  • EMPLOYMENT BASED GREEN CARDS: PERM Labor Certifications, EB1 Multi-National managers, EB1 Extraordinary ability, EB2 Professors and Researchers, EB2 Advanced Degree cases; EB3 Professionals and Skilled Workers;
  • FAMILY BASED GREEN CARD: Citizen Spouse petitions, and other family based green card cases;
  • TEMPORARY WORK VISAS: H-1B, H-1B1 (Singaporeans and Chileans), E3 (Australians) J waivers, L, E, O, P , TN visa cases, and many others;
  • EXTENSION OF STAY: all types of extensions of current nonimmigrant status cases.

10 Ways to Beat H-1B Quota to Start Work NOW!

This year the H-1B quota ran out on the very first day! In fact, there was such a deluge of H-1B applications that the USCIS was forced to run a lottery to decide who among the applicants would receive a coveted H-1B visa. As a result, many applicants who applied on the very first day were unable to get an H-1B visa. Therefore, if you want to have a chance of obtaining an H-1B visa, your best bet is to qualify under one of the quota exemptions listed below. Best of all, if you qualify for an H-1B exemption, you can proceed with your H-1B petition immediately, to start work now (either immediately upon approval of the H-1B petition or upon receipt of the petition if you qualify for portability), without having to wait for the next fiscal year!

What are the Special Regional Center Provisions?


Of the 10,000 investor visas (i.e., EB-5 visas) available annually, 5,000 are set aside for those who apply under a pilot program involving an CIS-designated “Regional Center.”

A "Regional Center:"

If you wonder why you should hire an Immigration Attorney, just ask Senator Curt Thompson's Wife

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on 12/6/06, Georgia State Senator Curt Thompson's wife will not be deported out of the U.S. after all. A deportation order was entered against the Colombian national, however, apparently as a result of shoddy work by a "notario". The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the ordeal began as follows:

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Antao & Chuang, Attorneys at Law, has been representing clients in U.S. immigration cases since 1991. We represent clients who are located throughout the world. We try to set our fees at a reasonable level. Our attorneys pride themselves on working directly with each client in a personable manner. Talk to us.

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Search for H1B Visa Employers

You can search for "H1B Visa Employers" using this database, which was compiled by Antao & Chuang, Attorneys at Law from government sources. This database identifies those U.S. employers who have filed for H-1B visas in the past, or who have at least started the process by filing for the LCA. If you find an employer you are interested in, you can then contact them to inquire as to whether they have any current job openings in your field. Please tell your friends about this valuable resource.

Use this form to search for H1B Visa employers.

"FMG Friendly" Employers

Foreign Medical Graduates ("FMGs") should be aware that there are "FMG Friendly" employers, and "FMG Unfriendly" employers. This database (compiled by Antao & Chuang, Attorneys at Law from government sources) identifies those U.S. employers who have filed for H-1B visas for foreign medical graduates in the past (or at least started the process by filing for the LCA), and who can therefore be deemed "FMG Friendly". Please tell your colleagues about this valuable resource.

Use this form to search for "FMG Friendly" employers in a given state.

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